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The Dedy Batch Temper  for 150 kg with water cooling

Unlike the electric cooling machine, Batch Temper requires a permanent water inlet and outlet. The water inlet is controlled by a solenoid valve. Like with the other models, the stirrer is removable to facilitate thorough cleaning. Here, the chocolate is, for example, dissolved overnight in standby mode and subsequently tempered fully automatically after switching to work mode. The temperature of the chocolate and the tempering process are precisely regulated by three digital thermostats. The heated drain cock is warmed by an adjustable heater. Its efficient insulation prevents loss of heat. A built-in water circulation pump ensures smooth tempering and cooling of the chocolate. The kettle is completely made out of stainless steel and delivered ready to plug-in. Due to its permanent water inlet and outlet, this kettle cannot be equipped with rollers for mobility.


Power supply: 3 phases, 400 Volt; 3.7KW


Dimensions: width: 700 mm / depth: 700 mm / height 1,500 mm


Weight: 150 kg