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The Dedy  Moulding Machine

is based on the proven and tested Dedy enrobing machine and is available with capacities of 20 kg or 30 kg. The tank can also be removed and is equipped with a drain cock. This facilitates thorough cleaning and easy change of chocolate colour. The speed of the chocolate wheel allows to adjust the chocolate output in an infinitely variable way. Heating of the chocolate is done via a built-in fully electronic air circulation system. The machine works with two very exact digital thermostats, one of them controls the melting of the chocolate in standby mode and the other monitors the temperature in work mode. It is also possible to connect a Dedy vibration table directly to the machine.


Another available option is upgrading the moulding machine to a full-scale Dedy enrobing machine at a later date in the Dedy facory.

Power supply: 230 Volt, 1.5 KW