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The Dedy Mini-Moulding Machine

is a smaller table model with a capacity of about 23 kg chocolate. It is the ideal moulding machine for making chocolates, bars, hollow figures, for tempering and for day-to-day needs in confectioneries and bakeries. With this machine, it is also possible to adjust the output of the chocolate by changing the speed with the chocolate wheel. The tank is removable. The machine is fitted with a beautifully designed, practical housing which can be closed completely. Heating of the chocolate is done via a built-in fully electronic air circulation system. The machine also works with two very exact digital thermostats, one of them controls the melting of the chocolate in standby mode and the other monitors the temperature in work mode. The Dedy Vibration Table is the perfect addition to this device.



Power supply: 230 Volt; 1.5 KW


Dimensions: width 510 mm / depth 510 mm / height 500 mm /


Capacity: 23 kg


Weight: 47 kg