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The Mini-Enrobing machine has a belt width of 120mm and a capacity of 15kg liquid chocolate. The machine will be delivered as table model.
Pastries of all kinds and small cakes up to a height of approximately 5 cm, as well as cream cheese and for example dates can be enrobed with chocolate coating, fudge, sugar icing or glaze.
The standard model is equipped with a 1 meter take-off-table to set up the enrobed goods on paper.

The belt speed of the wire mesh belt is infinitely variable. The construction of the wire mesh belt has been taken over by our bigger Enrobing machines Dedy 220 and Dedy 320.
Total enrobing, bottom enrobing and side enrobing are possible.

The exact chocolate temperature is controlled via an extremely sensitive digital thermostat.

The machine or the chocolate will be heated by air.

As a standard, every enrobing machine has a pouring device for filling chocolate into chocolate moulds.

Power supply: 1 ph; 230 V, 50 – 60Hz